As Street Stewards, we strive to keep our portion of our magical neighborhoods clean! If you adopt some blocks, we ask that you take a walk around that block about once a week and clean up any trash you see in the street and sidewalk. Take a little extra time to go the extra mile to make your block shine. We hope by connecting a patchwork of people who take extra care, entire communities will be enriched with a sense of pride and respect. 

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Stay Safe

  • Always walk against traffic on the left side of the road, so oncoming traffic remains within your vision.

  • Wear a bright colored article of clothing, shirt or hat. An orange Home Depot bucket can also be a great safety tool.

  • Do not put yourself at risk. Exercise caution and protect yourself when picking up litter. Some items may be hazardous.

  • Carefully look in both directions if reaching for litter on the road.

  • Wear appropriate shoes, gloves, and clothing, to the environment you are working.

  • Never reach into grass, shrubs, or any hidden area considering rattlesnakes are native to our area. Be especially cautious in warmer weather.
  • Best to use a litter picker and we recommend the virtually indestructible Vive brand 32 inch reach with metal bands and suctions cups, which can be purchased on Amazon. Costco is currently selling the Bird Rock brand which is a lower cost option.

  • Carry water if it is a warmer day to stay hydrated.

  • Apply sunblock and wear a hat on sunny days.

  • Practice appropriate COVID safety rules and adhere to local and state COVID restrictions.

Waiver: In consideration of being permitted to participate in any individual or group Street Steward litter pickup, hereinafter called the “Elective Activity”… Read more

Community Partners

There are currently no events.

County Wide Event

Join your neighbors at Dixon Lake from 9-Noon on Sept 17th, enjoy the fresh air and make this jewel shine! Starting September 1st, go to, the website for I Love A Clean San Diego, find the Dixon Lake event, and sign up.


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